Free VPN

NOTE: the IP address of the VPN has been changed. If you hard coded the IP address, please change it to or!

Want a free VPN that doesn’t log anything and doesn’t need a registration? Let’s do that!

Some features that are included with the VPN:
– Works on Android and iOS
– Ads are blocked
– Malicious websites are blocked
– No logging

Since this is a free VPN, there are some exceptions:
– Download speed is up to 10 Mbps
– Upload speed is up to 5 Mbps
– Services that use a lot of network speed are blocked (torrent websites, malware etc)
– Only one location, which is Gravelines, France. It’s the most used location, so should be fine
– No super strong encryption and security, but should be fine if you just want to use a VPN to hide your IP or bypass government blocks
This VPN is BANNED on CIT server!

Click at the link below to download the client:


Virus check

Do you have no idea how to install a simple program? Check the following video’s:
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7

Do you want to use Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS build-in L2TP/IPsec client? You’ll need the following details:
Username: VPN
Password: PASSWORD
Pre-shared key: vpn
Keep in mind that the above details are case sensitive!

I also have a HTTP proxy available for use:
Port: 1334
No username or password. Ads should be blocked.

Manuals for L2TP/IPsec client:
(more to come)

Do you want to use OpenVPN? That’s also possible. You can download the .ovpn profile here.