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Teckin Smartplug

This is pretty much the best gadget I’ve ordered on Amazon. With this plug, you can make pretty much every device ‘smart’. You can see the electricity usage of a device, you can power it on/off with an app and even with Google Home/Amazon Alexa!

Hey Google, turn off the christmas tree!

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I got accepted at Google Adsense!

It took some time, but it finally happend. My website is eligible for Google Adsense and it got approved.

Unfortunally you (as user) will see advertisement, but you need to understand that I’m almost spending $200 per month for servers, domains and other related things. There are no donations, so I want to get some advertisements so I could get some income.

I hope you don’t mind. Please whitelist my website if you’re using an adblocker. Thanks.


Welcome to my blog!

Starting a blog!

Heya! As you can see, I’m starting a blog. I’m going to post all kind of random things to this blog. I will post things about CIT (MTA:SA server), tutorials for all kind of things, simple pictures for ‘da lolz’, things that happen in my life. Kinda everything.

I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any questions or you want to be a writer for any reason, feel free to send me a PM on CIT or mail me at blog[at]