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Mixcder E7 headphones

About 6 months ago, I’ve bought Mixcder E7 headphones. It’s a pretty nice wireless bluetooth headphone with active noise-cancelling. I’ve bought it on Amazon.

They say it has 20 hours of battery life and I think that’s pretty accurate. I need to charge it for about once per week and charging only takes like 30 minutes.

There are buttons on the headset to increase/decrease volume, enable noise-cancelling and a powerbutton. When the battery is dead, you can simply attach a 3.5mm aux cable and use it with that.

Here are a few pictures:
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I have a new watch.

A while ago, I’ve bought a new watch from Amazon and I quite like it.
It can show the analog and digital time. The only smart thing about it, is a stopwatch and backlight. The company says that the battery won’t get empty, because it has an internal dynamo. If you move your hand, it uses kinetic energy to charge the internal battery. Pretty cool.

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Powering a few things on a 220v powerbank!

About a year ago, I’ve bought a RAVpower 27000 mAh powerbank from Amazon. I’ve been using it every now and then to power some small electronics. The powerbank can handle 100 watt peak and 85 watt of continuous power, which is more enough for a normal laptop, small TV and a shitload of LED lights.

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