The time when my scooter got no oil…

So yes… shit happens. I’ve got a cheap ass €50 Chinese scooter. It’s usually running fine and it can do 5 km/h faster than legally allowed.
It’s a simple two-stroke engine, which means it’s mixing engine oil and fuel (normal 95 RON petrol) together for lubrication. But when the oil runs out, shit wil happen…
It made me walk 7 km back home 🙁

I was thinking of going to Germany with my scooter (note: I live about 5 km from the German border). I didn’t check if I had oil and I assumed it would just work, just like the many times before. It was kinda dumb not to check. The oil light didn’t turn on when I started the engine, so I continued my trip. After about 5 km, the engine started to act weird, just like when it’s overheating. It was slowing down and eventually the engine stalled.

Trying to start the engine:


I checked the luggage bin. I thought that there was some oil in there, but nope:






I walked back home, put some oil in it, let the engine cool down and eventually it worked again. What a day!