Teckin Smartplug

This is pretty much the best gadget I’ve ordered on Amazon. With this plug, you can make pretty much every device ‘smart’. You can see the electricity usage of a device, you can power it on/off with an app and even with Google Home/Amazon Alexa!

Hey Google, turn off the christmas tree!

Once you’ve received the plug, you simply plug it in the wall outlet, wait a few seconds to make sure it booted up and then hold the powerbutton for 5 seconds to enable pairing. You can open the app and simply add a new device in the app on your phone.

I have 4 plugs in total now. I’ve got it attached to the most used lights and the christmas tree. This way, I don’t need to duck when I need to turn on a lamp and when I go to bed, I simply press one button and all the lamps go out.

Here are a few pictures of the app and the smartplug itself: