Powering a few things on a 220v powerbank!

About a year ago, I’ve bought a RAVpower 27000 mAh powerbank from Amazon. I’ve been using it every now and then to power some small electronics. The powerbank can handle 100 watt peak and 85 watt of continuous power, which is more enough for a normal laptop, small TV and a shitload of LED lights.

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Here below are a few pictures with the powerbank in use:

It can handle two normal laptops and a normal lamp for about an hour. Purely a laptop is about 2 hours and purely a normal lamp for about 3 hours. If you have a LED light, it can be powered for quite some time.

The RAVpower powerbank luckily has overcurrent protection (if you draw more than 100 watt, a small automatic fuse will blow). If it wouldn’t have it, Here is a video to show what happens if you draw more than 100 watt. In this example, I’m powering a 32″ LCD TV and two 25 watt lamps.